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Avoid Mistakes on Legal Guardianship Forms

Come to Blomeley Law Firm for guidance in Murphy, NC

The well-being of the children in your family is important to you. If you're worried a parent in your family is not fit to care for their child, it may be time to talk to a guardianship lawyer in Murphy, NC.

Blomeley Law Firm is the place to turn to for help filling out legal guardianship forms. Attorney James Blomeley can also help appointed guardians keep up with laws and regulations. Get in touch with him ASAP to protect the children in your family.

Which type of guardianship should you apply for?

In North Carolina, you can apply to become one of three types of guardians. As a knowledgeable guardianship lawyer in Murphy, NC, James Blomeley can evaluate your situation and recommend the best type for you. You can apply to be a:

  • Guardian of a minor person: You'll oversee the child's medical care, safety, education and other physical care needs.
  • Guardian of a minor estate: You'll control the child's assets, such as their bank accounts and stock.
  • General guardian: You'll take charge of the child's physical needs and estate.

With attorney Blomeley's guidance, you can rest assured that your legal guardianship forms will be prepared as accurately as possible. Contact him right away to discuss the details of your situation.