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Plan for the Future With a Knowledgeable Estate Planning Lawyer

Attorney Blomeley handles estate planning and probate matters in Murphy, NC

Do you know what will happen to your estate after you die? A will can give you control over your estate's future. Visit Blomeley Law Firm to draft a will with an estate planning lawyer in Murphy, NC.

Attorney James Blomeley has been drafting wills in the Murphy area for years. He'll make sure your will is clear and accurate so your loved ones aren't left guessing. Reach out to Blomeley Law Firm now to get started.

We'll walk you through the probate process

Grieving can make it difficult to get through the probate process on your own. Don't worry-as a level-headed probate attorney in Murphy, NC, James Blomeley can help. Turn to attorney Blomeley to:

  • Locate probate and non-probate assets
  • Prepare and file all of the required paperwork
  • Settle any disputes between you and beneficiaries
  • Make sure all of your loved one's outstanding debts are paid
  • Figure out how to solve income tax issues

Attorney Blomeley will guide you through the probate process step by step. Talk to him today to find out how easy drafting a will can be.